Peak Season Pricing for all Table Moves Nov 6 - Jan 6

Replacing the old felt with new Felt of your choice on the bed and rails. Ensure that the frame and the playing surface are level, the cushions are in good condition, and the seams between the slates are properly sealed with beeswax.

This service may be needed if you are moving long-distance, installing new carpet or flooring, etc. The pool table is dismantled and is then stacked neatly in place to the customer's satisfaction.

if you just moved into the area or purchased a new/used pool table We position the table for optimum play ability or to the customer's specifications. We replace any worn or missing hardware and professionally assemble and level your pool table.

Pool table is disassembled at one location. It is then carefully loaded and protected while being transported to the new location. Once there, the table is completely assembled and is ready for play.*
*We do not move 10' pool tables or tables with 1 piece slate.

In-House Moves:
Pool table is disassembled and then moved to another room/floor and re-assembled for play.

Often re-leveling your pool table can be achieved by adjusting the legs (tables with leg levelers) or by adding/removing shims beneath the legs. This is all that is required if the playing surface is flat.

If the level reading is different on all three pieces of slate, the rails and bed cloth need to be removed so that the slates can be adjusted to create a flat playing surface. In some cases, the slate may need to be removed also.

Slate Crating:
each slate is crated separately in a custom frame according to its size using 1"x4" lumber and screws.*
*This may be required by some moving companies.

Re Cushions:
The old cushions and cushion facings are removed and the rail facings are cleaned of all glue. New cushions are applied and allowed to set before the Felt is put on.
*This service is normally done at the same time as a Re Felt.